Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving – 145 years after Lincoln’s proclamation

I recently learned that it was 145 years ago (1863) when Abraham Lincoln issued the proclamation making Thanksgiving a national holiday.

It's time to spend time with those who are blessings in my life. Therefore, I’m going to make this blog short and direct you to an article about the proclamation on the website, Abraham Lincoln Online (ALO). It’s a nice piece, which includes the proclamation itself. I’m just beginning to discover all the wonderful things that ALO has to offer.

The website is a labor of love by Lowell and Rhoda Sneller, who in October were announced among those who will be awarded the special Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial edition of The Order of Lincoln, the highest honor awarded by the State of Illinois. Those chosen will be honored for the lasting and significant ways they have preserved the memory of Abraham Lincoln, and have contributed to Lincoln’s defining influence on the American spirit.

So, to the Snellers, thanks for your vast, ongoing efforts to share the legacy of Lincoln.

And, to the readers of my blog – both near and far – thank you for reading. May you continue to grow in your knowledge of Lincoln. I hope my blog helps with that growth – for all of us. Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. Ann

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