Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mourning a tragic loss

I always hoped the first blog post I devoted to Liam Neeson would be the one in which I celebrated work beginning on Steven Spielberg’s proposed Lincoln film. I’ve heard for some time now that Neeson is pegged to play Abraham Lincoln.

Instead, I use this forum to offer the actor and his family my sympathy and prayers on the loss of his wife, Natasha Richardson, in a skiing accident.

Mr. Neeson, Ms. Redgrave, family and friends: May you find strength in the love of those around you and the outpouring of concern and well wishes from around the globe. I am so sorry for your loss.

A reminder to the rest of us
It’s at times like this we are reminded how fleeting our lives on this earth can be. A few years back, I really admired the work of a regional journalist. I couldn’t wait for the paper to arrive each day so I could read his column, but I never took the time to tell him. When he was killed suddenly in an auto accident, I lost the chance forever. I won't let that happen again.

Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to let people know how much you appreciate them and what they’ve done to bring joy into your life or make it easier – whether it’s an actress, an author of a Lincoln book or the cashier who waits on you at the local supermarket. As I’ve encountered people in the Lincoln community and in many other walks of life, it’s a rare person who doesn’t genuinely appreciate hearing those words, “Thanks. You’ve touched my life and I’m glad.”

And, with those closest to you, remember to close always with “I love you.” Ann

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