Monday, October 12, 2009

Virtual book signing features Civil War author, captivating photographer and historian

What are you doing at noon Central Time on Saturday, Oct. 17? If you don't have plans yet, plan on eating a late breakfast or an early lunch so you can watch Virtual Book Signing. Or, if you're not concerned about crumbs in your keyboard, grab a sandwich and sit down at your computer at noon.

Daniel Weinberg and his staff at the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop have another interesting Virtual Book Signing planned. They'll be hosting:
  • Barton A. Myers, author of Exceuting Daniel Bright: Race, Loyalty and Guerrila Violence in a Coastal Carolina Community 1861-1865 and
  • historian Ron Elliot and photographer John Snell, authors of Through the Eyes of Lincoln: A Modern Photographic Journey.

Lincoln buffs in the Chicago area can drop by the shop to watch the events firsthand. The rest of us - yes, even Lincoln buffs in Australia, England and Brazil - can watch live online.

Don't fret, though, if you have other plans Saturday. I'll be in Springfield at the Lincoln Colloquium, but I know I can find it in the Virtual Book Signing archives later. If you've missed many other Lincoln and Civil War authors, check out the archives. You'll find some interesting and engaging interviews there.

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