Sunday, October 3, 2010

Long gone - Gone longer

To all my readers: My apologies for not posting more frequently in 2010. This has been a busy year for my family and me, and I readjusted priorities for a while.

I wanted to let you know they've shifted again, but keep your fingers crossed. You just might have something pretty doggoned cool to look forward to.

I am now writing again - but in a different medium.

I've been blessed through my late-in-life writing and research career with some of the most magificent mentors ever - brilliant, gifted, supportive, prolific writers. They've been with me as I tried to find myself, provided me with information I sought and, above all, encouraged me with great sincerity to pursue my dreams. I have, and it has been good, great, quite often even greater than great.

Now, with a subtle nudge (Okay, it wasn't subtle. It was a push off a cliff without a parachute.) from another incredible mentor, I am writing - a book! The words are coming in torrents and I think, I believe, I know, this is the story I was supposed to tell all along. As one of my oldest (in time, not age), dearest friends told me when she heard, "Ann, you've been writing around writing long enough!" And so, I write.

If I achieve my goal, it will teach, entertain, make you laugh, make you cry and fulfill one of my greatest dreams.

Yes, if you were wondering, Mr. Lincoln is in it - and a suprising supporting cast. No, none of them are vampires.

Thanks for dropping by. Thanks for your support. Don't forget - learn something new, every day - every single day. And, if it's about Lincoln, all the better.

Please know, I will be back in the blogosphere eventually. It's been too great a part of my Lincoln life to leave behind.

Till next time,


Anonymous said...

That is wonderful

Lincoln Buff 2 said...

Josh and Abigail, Thanks. I enjoy following your adventures. Mine is taking me for quite a ride. I'm having a blast. I think Lincoln is, too! Ann