Thursday, November 12, 2009

D.C. firsts don't disappoint

On day three of the Amazing Abe Adventure in D.C., we had one first after another - and savored every one of them.

Watch future blog posts to hear about my experiences learning the nuances of the Metro and believing, "I can do this!"

Learn my feelings upon my first visit to the U.S. Capitol, which included stops at the House and Senate galleries. In an upcoming post, I'll tell you how to get tickets and gallery passes, all about the cool people we met there and how to get to the Library of Congress without having to go out and get wet in a D.C. rain that won't end.

Hear all about my visit to the Library of Congress and my excitement at getting to register as a researcher there so I can do Lincoln research.

Let me tell you about at great restaurant we found in Shirlington, Va., and the good time we had with old friends there.

The D.C. adventure continues. Thanks to all who made today one I'll never forget. Come back to read in detail how you all made it so.

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