Sunday, November 22, 2009

On to the next Abe adventure

The Amazing Abe Adventure 2009 has drawn to a close. In its place, I face the reality of laundry to be folded, bills to be paid, a return to work. My two-week Lincoln adventure in Washington, D.C. and Gettysburg will be replaced with real life, with Lincoln squeezed in between the must-dos.

What will my next Amazing Abe Adventures be? Trips, books, speeches? Yes, I want to. Yes, I plan to. Yes, I'm hoping.

During the Washington, D.C. stint of our trip, I realized there is much more there I need to see and do, including using my new Library of Congress reader card. Having one and "getting the taste a bit" convinces me I've not seen the last of the manuscript room.

The Lincoln Forum Symposium was all I'd hoped it would be and more. It won't be my last. And, now that I know of the other interesting commemorative activities Gettysburg hosts each year, I am convinced I'll want to return there as well.

I'm also looking forward to visiting Lincoln's haunts in Kentucky and Indiana, including making time to see the Library of Congress Lincoln exhibit when Indiana hosts it.

And then there's the blog, Twitter, book reviews, scholarly papers, my planned Lincoln books - three or four, at least - and giving speeches about Lincoln again.

Yep, my next Abe adventures have just begun. Sometimes, as on my recent trip, I'll meet myself coming and going. If, however, I can continue to live my mission of spreading enthusiasm about the life and legacy of Lincoln, it will all be worth it.


Lincolnphotog said...

Happy Thanksgiving to the Muellers.

I was so glad to see you in Gettysburg. This was my third year and Wendy's second and plan on going each year as long as I can.

See you somewhere along the Lincoln trail.

Two new Lincolns being unveiled next week on 12/3. There is a new one in Joliet and another in Leavenworth, Kansas. I still have not gotten to Jacksonville yet and there is a new piece in Marshall, IL also.

Best wishes to all over this weekend and travel safe if you are going "over the river and through the woods" to Grandma's house.

Lincoln Buff 2 said...


Thanks for the warm wishes and for yours and Wendy's hospitality at the Forum. I was so glad I went and I do hope to go again.

Sorry I didn't get back with you sooner. Haven't been online much. Catching up on some home responsibilities, resting up from trip and working on a book review that's due soon for a Lincoln publication.

Hope you had a great holiday.