Sunday, January 11, 2009

See the updated website links

When I was preparing my laundry list of Lincoln bicentennial websites and articles about events throughout the country yesterday, I remembered that I'd been meaning to update the links on the left side of my website. Although these listings could go into even greater depth, you will now find more updated listings of state bicentennial sites, research websites and places to visit.

As I've been writing this blog the last four months, the response from others in the Lincoln community has been encouraging and enlightening. What a helpful group of people - all equally passionate about the subject!

I must give a special thanks today to Roger Norton of The Abraham Lincoln Research Site, Rhoda and Lowell Sneller of the Abraham Lincoln Online website and the staff at the U.S. Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission, whose online resources always seem to get me directly to the information I'm seeking. These folks are diligent in keeping up on the latest in the world of Lincoln. I consulted these sites in compiling the links for mine, so we all owe them a big collective thank you.

Don’t be a stranger

Please come back often to visit my blog. I try to publish an article every day or two, especially with the birthday date now so close. When I have the time, I’ll try to update my sidebar links even more. I know I’ve fallen behind on keeping the books link up as much as I’d like. Be sure to watch your newspapers and online news sites for the latest new releases in the Lincoln world. There are truly dozens coming out this year.

I’m committed to sharing as much as I can about Lincoln and events in his honor over the next few months, even though it’s sometimes a gargantuan task in light of the responsibilities and commitments in my real life outside the Lincoln world. This blog is my birthday present to Lincoln and my gift to you. My hope is that it honors him and inspires you. Thanks for visiting. Ann

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