Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Salem times seven

President Lincoln, thank Governor Pat Quinn and the General Assembly for the supplemental appropriations bill that will allow visitors to see your old stomping grounds seven days a week.

Yep, that’s right folks. New Salem will be open every day beginning May 15, 2009 – and with additional seasonal staff. They’re going to make your visit memorable in this bicentennial year, so head on down there and step back into the world of Lincoln, Ann Rutledge, Mentor Graham and the Clary’s Grove Boys. (As of today, the website does not yet reflect the new hours.)

To learn more about New Salem:

  • And the expanded hours, see Ann Gorman’s article in today’s State Journal-Register.
  • Read an engaging little book, Lincoln’s New Salem, written by Benjamin Thomas. His single volume, Abraham Lincoln: A Biography, is still among the best after more than 50 years. Guess Lincoln scholar Michael Burlingame must think so, too, as he edited the most recent edition of that one.

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