Monday, May 4, 2009

Philadelphia board rejects request to test Lincoln artifact

I've been following the story of a request by John Sotos, M.D. to test a blood-stained pillowcase to determine if Abraham Lincoln had a rare cancer. In fact, I'm pulling together the last of a fairly comprehensive story about the issue. I had some super interviews with some pretty cool people. I thought the museum board was meeting to make their decision tomorrow night, May 5, 2009. I was trying to bet their announcement.

I just ran across a story posted in the Philadelphia Inquirer shortly before 9 p.m. Central Time today, May 4. The request has been denied - for now. Read all about it here.

But, come back to my blog later. I'm still going to wrap up this story. These people had some interesting perspectives. They were willing to share them and I still intend to do it.

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