Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lincoln Buff 2 featured by two other bloggers

One of the greatest benefits of sharing the legacy of Lincoln online is the fellow Lincoln buffs and all around really cool people you meet around the world. Two of them actually wrote about my blog this week. I am flattered and thankful.

Recently, I told you about Ed Newman's Ennyman's Territory blog. You'll want to check it out. He's an individual with amazingly brilliant and diverse talent - not only a gifted writer but an accomplished artist, as well.

Mike Kienzler of the Springfield, Ill. newspaper, The State Journal-Register, writes The Abraham Lincoln Observer (ALO) blog. In an article yesterday, he wrote about our mutual Lincoln friend, photographer David Wiegers, and added a few words about my interview with Newman. Coincidentally, about ten years ago, I occasionally wrote freelance book reviews on Illinois-related subjects, including Lincoln, for the SJ-R. My books page editor, the late Doug Pokorski, reported to Kienzler. Though we've never met, and I hadn't even exchanged emails with him until Doug passed away suddenly a few years ago, I'm grateful for the opportunity Mike gave me to get my words in print. Thanks, ALO.

Of course, I love it when people read my blog. That's why I write it. But, please, check out Ed's and Mike's, too. You'll be glad you did.

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