Sunday, December 14, 2008

News in the Lincoln world

Last week and this coming week there's a lot of activity in the Lincoln world and in the Land of Lincoln. Since the Lincoln Buff was away from the computer for a couple days, I’ll give you a high level overview of the things you may have missed – and direct you to other news sites for more information.

Don’t miss the C-SPAN White House features
From Dec. 14-20, C-SPAN is featuring an in-depth look at where Lincoln and other American Presidents lived and worked. The Lincoln Buff family just finished watching the first episode. We learned tons and can’t wait to see the rest. Tonight’s program not only featured clips from President and Mrs. Bush, but also footage from a number of former Presidential families. Several of our well-known Lincoln and presidential historians, including Doris Kearns Goodwin, Harold Holzer and Richard Norton Smith provided commentary, as well as people who have day-to-day connections with the White House operations. Please join us in watching the rest of the programming at 9 Eastern, 8 Central each night this week.

Michael Burlingame talks about his new book
I wasn’t near a television during the day today, so I missed the Book TV interview with Michael Burlingame concerning his new two-volume Lincoln biography, which is heralded by most as the next most valuable Lincoln work. Abraham Lincoln: A Life is published by The John Hopkins University Press. I may not get a chance to read it right away myself, but I’ll try to point you to more information on the book as it becomes available. Be sure to see Abraham Lincoln Online website, too, for their interview with Burlingame.

Indiana collection has a home – but not at ALPLM
In case you haven't heard it by now, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum won't be getting the vast collection of Lincoln memorabilia from the recently closed Lincoln Museum in Fort Wayne, Indiana - sad for us in Illinois. Instead, the $20 million collection will go to the State of Indiana and be housed in the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis and the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne. It will be interesting to hear what Lincoln scholars and collectors have to say about this. Lincoln buff will try to follow this story and share what I read. In the meantime, you can read more in the article.

Hope for Illinois historic sites?
I doubt that anyone reading this blog is immune to the news from Illinois about the arrest of Governor Rod Blagojevich. If this current governor steps down or is impeached, next in line for the office is Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn. The good news is that Quinn’s already giving us hope about reopening the recently closed historic sites if he moves into the office. Hurray, Lt. Gov. Quinn! Although we’re watching this whole drama play out on many levels, we Lincoln buffs are especially interested in watching what happens to the sites which have connections to Lincoln. We’re glad to hear you’ll do the right thing.

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