Friday, December 19, 2008

Blog topics you may have missed through Dec. 19

The last few weeks have been busy in the Lincoln world, so there's been lots to write about. If you’ve missed some posts since my last "topics you may have missed" piece on Nov. 18, 2008, here’s a hyperlinked list of what we covered. If this is helpful, please check one of the Reaction checkboxes at the end of this article.

In the past few weeks, you might have missed articles:

For earlier articles
For articles between the birth of this blog on Oct. 9, 2008 and Nov. 18, see the Nov. 19 article.

The opportunity of a century
Remember, this time of bicentennial celebration will never be equaled by any in our lifetimes for opportunities to celebrate and learn about Lincoln. You can find a couple of great calendars of bicentennial happenings across the country at these websites:


Lincolnphotog said...

I have a 2009 desk calendar of my Lincoln statue photos that I'd like to send to you as thank you for the interesting blog. I read it religiously.

Send me a mailing address and I'll stick one in the mail to you.

Dave Wiegers
Gurnee, IL

Lincoln Buff 2 said...


That is so very kind. I appreciate your thoughtfulness - and your faithful visits to the blog. Be sure to share word of the blog with others in the Lincoln world. There is so much to write about that I can't even cover it all, but I'm trying. :-)

Your Lincoln statue photo project is also very exciting. This is a fun time to be a Lincoln buff - and it sounds as if you're pursuing your passion as voraciously as I am. Good for you!

My email address is I don't believe I have a way to contact you outside of Blogger. If you could send your email address to my yahoo account, I'll be glad to reply with my mailing address.

Thanks again and happy holidays,

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,
I am Brazilian but I'm a Lincoln buff too. I have a collection of almost 100 books about the Great President - in English and some in Portuguese. Some years ago I went to USA and visited Springfield only to know the places where Lincoln lived and worked.
Now I intend to create a blog, but in Portuguese, so that my students can learn a little about the Great Abe, too.
I liked your blog very much. Thanks.
Sebastiao Albano

Lincoln Buff 2 said...


Thanks for reading the blog and for your kind comments Please send me a link to your blog when it is ready. Happy New Year.