Monday, December 1, 2008

Troubadour takes Lincoln to the masses

A little pickin’ and some strummin’, a little singin’ and some hummin’ – what better gift could our sixteenth president ask for in celebration of his 200th birthday? After all, such music is steeped in the tradition of the hills of Kentucky where Lincoln was born and was a way to pass the evenings when Lincoln travelled the Eighth Judicial Circuit.

Abraham Lincoln in Song
Chris Vallillo, of Macomb (Ill.) is taking his gift of music on the road to honor Lincoln and share the music of his day. Vallillo’s program, Abraham Lincoln in Song, is endorsed by both the U.S. and Illinois Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commissions.

Though I’ve not yet had the experience of hearing Chris’s program in person, I have heard his CD by the same name, and the only thing keeping me from the real thing is opportunity. You can bet when the time and place pulls together, I’ll be there near the front of the line. His voice is rich, his picking perfect and his choice of songs a true tribute to the folk tradition of Lincoln’s times. And, if like me, you can't make it to one of his concerts anytime soon, you can order or download the CD via a link from Vallillo's website.

Vallillo’s venture into Lincoln is a natural offshoot of his love for music and his roots in Lincoln’s prairie state. He’s long sung songs which celebrate the nation’s heartland and its musical tradition, performing throughout the Midwest for a variety of groups and festivities.

Learn more
Here’s more information on:
  • When Vallillo will be performing
  • How you can contact him to bring his program to your area
  • What his songs sound like, or how to buy or download them

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And you can be sure that when I’ve heard Chris myself, you’ll get my firsthand account.

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