Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More well-wishers needed - Hawaii, Mississippi and Africa

There are some of us who are a little more enthusiastic about Abraham Lincoln than others, for a variety of reasons. This blogger has been mesmerized by the legacy of Lincoln for as long as I can remember. Many other people are just getting interested in light of the bicentennial of his birth.

In the past four months, this website, dedicated to generating interest in Lincoln and keeping his legacy alive has had visitors from 48 states and five continents. It would be terrific if we could say that by his Feb. 12 birthday, all 50 states had stopped in to say "hi" - and really, really cool if someone from Africa visited the website.

Please, readers, help spread the word. If you know someone in one of these states or serving in public service or as a volunteer in Africa, please shoot them an email and ask them to stop in to visit this site, a tribute to Lincoln. There is no need to leave a comment, but if they wish to use the comments function to say, "Happy Birthday," I'll pass it along.

Now, I'm off to more Springfield bicentennial events. More on that later. Happy Bicentennial!

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