Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Please help spread the word - Gettysburg Address

Readers across the country, we need your help. The planners of Lincoln's birthday party would love to see a world record broken, and we'll need to be more than 223,363 strong to do it.

Help spread the word about the simultaneous reading of the Gettysburg Address. You can learn more at this link from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum's website.

You can do even more. If you haven't seen information about this in your local newspaer, heard about it on your local radio station or seen anyone talking it up on your local TV station, please call them and ask them to help. With everyone working together to raise awareness of this cool event, we can do it.

It will take the help of schools, too. Are your kids' schools reading it aloud? If you don't know, call. If they're not, ask them to. What a terrific way to make your children and their schools a part of history. Let's show them that history isn't just dates and names, but real people, powerful events and legacies. They'll be leaving one on Feb. 12 if they participate in this event, and you will be, too, by showing them that you value this time in history, the lasting power of 271 well-written words and the legacy of America's greatest president.

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